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Be Strong and Very Courageous

My usual routine in the morning is devotions and reading. I try to not miss that time because is really sets the tone for my day. The last few days were a bit off schedule for me and my devotions were happening in the wee hours of the morning. But, today, I got up my usual time to pray when I heard God say to read Joshua 1:1-9. Now the story talks of God's leading Joshua and the people of Israel on to the promised land after Moses' death. In those few short scriptures, God tells Joshua to be courageous at least 3 times. I was struck by that when it was revealed to me that this is the message for my own life in this moment.

I've been working on this blog, a book, and starting a business for a while now. It has not been easy to do for me because I tend to get in my own way. I am one of those people who like to strive for perfection, not realizing our version of perfect can really be a hindrance to our efforts of accomplishing even the simplest things. So I tend to take longer…
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Life Lessons From Blogging

In life we should always be evolving. We should never find ourselves in the same place doing the same thing for too long. For without growth, you are not living. To live is to experience, learn, and grow. I've only started my blogging journey and I've learned a few things so far.

There are many people I come across that leave an impression on me for various reasons. When I think of someone who knows how to use their voice, Apryl Steadman Beverly, the million dollar word stylist, is at the forefront of my mind. If you are not familiar with Apryl, check her out on Facebook or her website at . What I love about Apryl is that she uses her voice as an expression of who she is and what she does. Her very popular "Aprylisms" makes her unique and she's impacting the way others do business in the "internet streets". In this blogging world and in life, your voice can be an influence to the world around you. My vision for my own blog was kind…

The Joy of a Faith Journey

Many years ago, God decided it was a good time for me start the business He had placed in my heart several years prior. I love God.. A LOT! So, whenever He gives me an assignment, I usually have no problem obeying. Now this one took me a minute to act upon. Not because of the assignment itself. I had been counting the days I could be free from working for other people and embark on the road to doing what I loved to do, which at that time was starting a local magazine. What had me hesitant was the timing. You see at the time I received this message I had been going through a divorce, recently homeless, laid off from work, and had 2 kids under the age of 5. I felt broke, defeated, and even embarrassed by my circumstances and God picked now to tell me to start a business.

I was like , "Really, Lord? You know I am not in any position to do that now." His response was "Yes. I know." You know that look of "duh" your child may give you when you express the obviou…

My Lesson In Overcoming Fear

Whew. First post down. This is really a big deal to me. I've wanted to blog for a very long time. Many things hindered me from doing it in the past. Much of it was being afraid of being myself transparently. Then it was lack of support of others. It's not the first time I've stepped into uncharted waters. Nor the first time fear has tried to stop me.

While I've succeeded in many things over my life, fear has been a huge factor for my not completing quite a few things in the past. Each step I took was met with fear of the next one. I'd conquer it and be afraid of the next step. Many times that next step would be a life altering opportunity. It would be that step where I would doubt myself and find myself seeking help from someone else who turned out to be the wrong someone else. Okay. So here is the pattern.

"Know and believe you can accomplish greatness."
Against all odds and the naysayers I would set out on my idea. Push and work my butt off to create those…

Getting To Know You

I've always felt like writing introductions was corny. Like you're throwing yourself on people who may or may not care to meet you. I've had many other writers tell me that it's also a way for your readers to get to know you. My comeback is won't they get that the more they read my posts and engage in the blog? I mean I can give you a laundry list of my like and dislikes, where I've been, and what I've done. Would that truly tell you who I am? I guess in some way it might, but for me, I think the more you visit this blog, the more you will get to know me. And it's not just a one way street. I want to get to know you as well. So why don't we do this. I'll post. You read and comment and let me know what you think. But for all of you who still need to get that laundry list of facts and statuses, here goes. I'm a daughter, mother, and sister. I like traveling, eating good food, and having meaningful conversations. I've been writing since I w…